Weather phenomenon behind upcoming heat wave in UK


After some of the miserable, wet and stormy conditions we’ve been facing in recent times, the July heatwave suddenly feels like a distant memory and it’s almost hard to believe there was even a heat wave.

But now forecasters are exciting the British once again as a new heat wave looms on the horizon, with temperatures above 25 degrees likely to hit our region in the weeks to come.

With the suggestions of an African plume being the reasoning behind the predicted heat wave, there are many questions about what an African plume is and how it might bring back the sunny weather that we have been missing lately.

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The tropical continental air masses that dictate our time are causing the dramatic change in conditions, with the air mass coming from the regions of North Africa and the Sahara, which has earned it the name ” African panache ”.

This would bring much warmer and drier conditions which would run from the south and gradually move towards Staffordshire once the air reached the mainland.

Other elements that accompany an African plume include above average temperatures, thunderstorms and those dreaded warmer nights.

So don’t get the fans excited just yet, because we might not be quite done with them for the summer.

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Brian Gaze, Weather Outlook forecaster, explained what we can expect from the conditions in the coming days.

“There are tentative signs of improvement in the middle of the third of August.

“High pressure may build up towards the UK from the Azores, but there is a lot of uncertainty about that.

“If that happens, temperatures in the southern and central regions could climb to the upper 20C and in the north the middle 20C.”

He added: “In the first half of August, mixed with showers or longer periods of rain but also hot and thin periods.

“The driest weather is likely to be in the south and east, but an increased risk of heavy showers or thunderstorms means local variations could be significant.

“Temperatures are expected to be above average when aggregated over the entire period. During the second half, the chances of stable and very hot periods increase.

“Rain showers are still likely, especially in the north and west.”

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The BBC’s long-term forecast currently calls for volatile weather for the next few weeks, but points to an improvement in the weather later in the month.

“We expect low pressure to be charging across northern Europe over the next few weeks, keeping UK weather unstable, wetter and cooler than normal for the end of summer.

“However, later in August there are encouraging signs for more influencing high pressure, at least for a few weeks, bringing drier and warmer weather.

“It comes with a slight chance of a heat wave at the end of the summer, but at the moment it’s only a risk.”

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