Zimbabwe: Virtual Workshop for Tourism SMEs


The Zimbabwe Tourism Authority (ZTA) is set to host a virtual digital marketing workshop today with the aim of strengthening, developing and launching new marketing methods following mass adoption from digital to global scale.

The main objective of the workshop is to equip small and medium enterprises in the tourism sector with the skills necessary to improve their online presence.

Mr. Godfrey Koti, ZTA Corporate Affairs Director, said the workshop aims to support and solidify the governing body’s efforts in skills development in the sector.

“We are looking forward to the virtual workshop.

“This is certainly in line with the functions and provisions of the Tourism Law.

“It is our prerogative to develop skills and marketing initiatives within the industry,” he said.

“In the recently launched National Tourism Recovery and Growth Strategy, digital marketing is at the heart of the strategy and this workshop is one of the key programs aimed at improving digital marketing skills in tourism.”

The workshop will focus on some essential fundamentals of digital marketing strategy, which includes content creation, social media analysis and new media trends.

“Attendees will learn about current online media trends and news.

“This will enlighten them on the different success stories in using and effectively managing different new media platforms,” ​​he said.

The workshop will provide much needed value to participants through the use of “real world” case studies on social and other digital media.

ZTA has brought together a panel of young and dynamic presenters who are in contact with the tourism and tourism landscape of Zimbabwe, including Mr. Pablo Chimusoro.

Mr. Chimusoro is a Travel Enthusiast, Travel Curator and Digital Content Creator who will discuss the content creation process, growing an online audience and how to achieve meaningful results through the creation of content.

Mr. Osbert Hove is a recognized writer, researcher and digital media entrepreneur who should impart his wealth of knowledge on the guide to developing a digital marketing strategy.

The other panelist is Mr. Nkosana Masuku, the founder of the start-up from Phenomenon Technologies, who will present on the use of virtual reality and augmented reality in the digital marketing strategy.

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